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At Autism EPIC we work to help young children to increase their understanding of the world and teach them some skills to improve their interaction and communication skills with peers, parents and the extended family.  

We put great emphasis on developing our children’s independence skills. In order to do all of this, we work with parents, carers and settings very closely.

Developing the child's Social communication skills:

turn-taking, waiting, attention, focus and early ‘learning to learn  such as sitting, looking, listening and following an adult directed task. 

We offer support with speech and language using visual structured PECS, and time tables.

We aim to teach and empower parents/carers with early interaction skills to work with their children and develop them to their full potential. Families will be more knowledgeable about their child's needs and will be given the tools to help them; knowing there is support each week with further guidence, advice, practical strategies and tips.

New to EPIC

AP5 ('apps') Autism Pre 5 course

Thanks to Bradford Council's Early Years Grant and our local Charities

AWARE Airedale & Wharfedale Autism Resouce and BAS  Bradford Autism Support we are able to offer this training at a much reduced fee

AP5  is a course that will run for eight weeks. It will be two hours weekly (term time) parent training course for 4-5 families, enabling us to give individually-tailored support for each child as well as the opportunity to learn and play alongside peers as part of a group setting,

Families will be asked to pay £120 for ALL eight sessions but we will reimburse you 75% (£80) back when you and your child have attended ALL eight sessions. AWARE also reserve the right to refund 100% if a family is genuienly unable to afford the fee.



is a program for older children and young adults.

offering life skills, cognative thinking, emotional regulation and anger managmet.


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