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AP5 ('apps') Autism Pre 5

next cours start : Tuesday 16th January 2018

Thanks to Bradford Council's Early Years Grant and our local Charities AWARE Airedale & Wharfedale Autism Resouce  we are able to offer this training at a much reduced fee

AP5  is a course that will run for eight weeks. It will be two hours weekly (term time) parent training course for 4-5 families, enabling us to give indevidually-tailored support for each child as well as the opotunity to learn and play alongside peers as part of a group setting,

Families will be asked to pay £120 for ALL eight sessions but we will reimburse you 75%(£80) back when you and your child have attended ALL eight sessions.


AWARE also reserve the right to refund 100% if a family is genuienly unable to afford the fee.


Find us on the Internet
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